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About Us

Ever since it was built, Tortilla Republic is known and has always been called the best Mexican restaurant Laguna Beach delighting all customers who enter their door, whether old or young, and always cooking up loveable dishes perfect for any time of day and any occasion. A lot of good things can be said about us, but our carefully curated Mexican menu items, amazing service, and great location especially puts our name as the top choice for locals and even tourists. You will always see us on the list when you’re looking for a great Laguna Beach restaurant!

Our special Mexican food is made with love; created using the freshest, finest ingredients, cooked just right, and handled with the finest techniques to make the great taste Tortilla Republic is known for. Our main courses are cooked to perfection to fill you up enough while giving your palate a unique, delicious experience you can never find elsewhere. All from our secret recipes, we’ve always kept every menu item taste authentic and consistent, so you can always come here whenever you’re in the mood for Mexican food. Why we are called the top restaurant Laguna Beach is not only because of the awesome food, but also for our mindful consideration to our customers with special diets. Because alternatives to allergies and healthy options are here, too! Coming here is perfect or anyone who’s Trying to get in shape, or the health bums who want to give in and indulge flavorful food without feeling guilty. No wonder it’s called the best Mexican restaurant Laguna Beach!

You are always guaranteed a fun time here, doesn’t matter if you’re on a date, with family, with friends or even alone! Yes, an awesome dining experience is here and always ready for you to take. We serve the famous ceviche, enchiladas, and more all here at our well-renowned Laguna Beach restaurant! It’s appetizing taste would have you craving, for sure! Everyone knows this as netizens are talking about it on popular social media sites! So if you’re looking for a great meal at a top restaurant Laguna Beach, we are always the right choice. Why, you may ask? Because we invest in a great amazing location for the convenience that our customer can always count on. Situated in an amazing community, our restaurant is designed to be popular among the locals and even eager visitors and tourists! With modern and delicately designed interiors and an extra comfortable and clean space, we offer the most beautiful ambiance and a positive encounter with anyone who comes through our doors. That’s just mentioning some of the great features that make us the best Mexican restaurant Laguna Beach.

Tortilla Republic provides customers with easy and efficient parking; an amenity that is always a plus at any restaurant. You are our highest priority and we know that your time and convenience are very important. Because of this, as the top restaurant Laguna Beach, we will always want to make sure that your experience with us will be nothing but topnotch from the moment you drive into our parking lot to the moment you leave it. Other than offering you our many choices of Mexican food, we give you easy, convenient parking that make us the most reasonable choice to dine at when you’re in the area so you can enjoy being in our amazing community, whether you’re in for a quick grub, or a slow and easy meal time.

Here at Tortilla Republic, we are committed to great service, because good Mexican food isn’t enough; it has to be topped with exceptional service. That’s the reason why our well-trained staff always wear friendly smiles everytime they serve our dishes to ensure you are having the best restaurant experience. And this isn’t a smile that’s just for show. If you need any kind of help, we ensure that you can trust that any one member of our service staff will be there to assist you in any way they can, without any hesitation. All to make sure that when you dine with us, you know that you are experiencing in the best restaurant Laguna Beach.

We ensure you though that we don’t only wear a welcoming and friendly smile, but part of guaranteeing you great service is having fast service. We understand that preparing scrumptious meals takes time, but we always look into it that the time you took to order will be paid off by a longer time to enjoy. You can always be sure that when you’re coming in hungry or in a just coming in for a quick burrito, you’ll always see our helpful staff serving your meal on time and with a good vibe. It’s a careful balance we like to maintain here at Tortilla Republic – good Mexican food and great service.

We are proud to be one of the top restaurant Laguna Beach. Our commitment to serving great food and providing amazing service to anyone who comes into our doors make us the choicest restaurant in town. Not to mention, this location in particular has a great location perfect for either a quick grub, or a slow leisurely meal. Plus, it has the most convenient parking in the area. Just how cool those plus perks are?

We are driven to do better. Our customers inspire us everyday to keep serving them most wanted dishes like our (holy) guacamole and oh so good tacos – calling us top restaurant– with the freshest ingredients, special cooking techniques and the secret Tortilla Republic touch that make us a really popular Laguna Beach restaurant. We want to make every visit enjoyable and memorable for our beloved customers, so we have well-trained staff happy and ready to serve you the dish you came for here at what the locals call best . And that’s not just for lip service! Our team is efficiently working together to create a delightful at any of our locations with fast and easy order taking process to the careful yet quick preparation to the delivery of our awesome meals to you table. That’s efficiency you can only experience at the best restaurants.

You see, this town offers a variety of excellent restaurants. Each one with their own cuisines that help define the city and its culture as a whole. We are very humbled to be part of what makes Laguna Beach what it is today.

With all that said, we are on a mission! We exist to offer you, our customers, only the most decadent Mexican dishes that made us really known as the best restaurant in town. Our food here just satisfies your cravings like no other and leaves you only wanting more! We consider everything from taste, to texture, to consistency, and from aroma to appearance in creating each of our menu items. That’s a concrete reason why people consider us one of the top restaurants in the area. We are the most popular Mexican food stop serving great food and impeccable house drinks with top notch customer experience making us one of the best restaurants in Laguna Beach. Proudly saying, we are part of what defines it.

Come to the best Laguna Beach restaurant and enjoy delicious and decadent meals made with love when you visit Tortilla Republic. We’ll be waiting on you with big smiles! We’re on social media sites, too! So when you need your questions answered, or if you just want to chat, give Tortilla Republic a search on any popular social media sites you use, and we’ll be your friend. Talk about the best restaurant Laguna Beach!